We nonprofits serving Grundy County, Illinois, love to work together!  We are always collaborating around the clients we serve to make sure our clients get access to all of the services available to them.

But we struggle to find the time and to each have a full-fledged marketing program.  We started off by pooling our money to purchase radio ads, but the more we collaborated, the closer we became and the more we started daydreaming about what Grundy County can really look like!

We invite you to look around this website, view our posters and videos, and get to know each of us better.

Once you do that, we invite you to take the next step to volunteer or donate wherever your heart takes you.  You can support one of us - or all of us!

We recognize that not every donor or volunteer supports every cause - and that's okay.  By getting more engaged with the nonprofit(s) working on the issues you care about, you make Grundy County a better place to live, work, shop, recreate, worship, and learn.

That's how you give you.  And that's how you GiveGrundy!