About us

GiveGrundy is a marketing co-op of 13 nonprofits serving Grundy County.  What started as a conversation around Giving Tuesday has grown into a year-round effort to connect with donors and the community about what each of us 13 does and the quality of life that we bring to Grundy County.

We don't ask you to give to each of us.  Instead, we encourage you to explore your own passions, match them with the local charities doing that work, and support those charities through your donations of cash, talent, and volunteerism.  In the big picture, we hope to lessen donor burnout by engaging donors in what they truly care about, whether it's one of us...or all 13.

We don't care where you give...just give.

All nonnprofits who serve Grundy County are welcome to join our co-op!

Give you.  Give Grundy.