Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is #GiveGrundy?

We are a collaboration of Grundy County (IL) nonprofits pooling our marketing resources to better reach the community about our services, needs, volunteer opportunities, and impact.  We are not a separate 501c3 but instead are a collaboration bound by Memorandums of Understanding.  We Partners are the “board” and decisionmakers.

I want to find out about an individual organization – Where do I go?

All of our organizations are listed on our Partners page with links to their individual pages.

I would like to support #GiveGrundy – How do I donate?

We as a group do not accept donations, but our individual Partners do.  Please visit our Partners page.  If a Partner has the capacity to accept online donations, there’s a link for it on their website.

How does my organization join #GiveGrundy?

We meet monthly and nonprofits that serve Grundy County are very welcome to attend.  Please email us at for the next meeting date and time.  Each year we set a membership contribution amount and then collectively decide how to spend that pool of money around joint marketing activities.

I need help.  How do I get services through #GiveGrundy?

#GiveGrundy does not provide direct services to residents, however our Partners do.  Please email us at with details about your situation and we will forward your information to the appropriate agency.