We are…Grundy County Veterans Assistance Commission

We are:

  • The recently discharged veteran who does not know what benefits are available after serving our country.
  • The homeless veteran who found healthcare and affordable, safe housing.
  • The Vietnam Veteran who gets compensated for his illnesses and can continue to provide for his family.
  • The surviving spouse who gets assistance to stay in her home.
  • The Afghanistan Veteran who gets emergency assistance to avoid becoming homeless.
  • The combat veteran who gets the mental health support she needs to stay employed.
  • The veteran drivers who drive over 40,000 miles a year to get fellow veterans to their medical appointments.
  • The daughter of an elderly veteran who can get assistance to keep her father in her home and not in a nursing home.
  • The homebound veteran who is able to get a scooter from the VA so he can get out of the house for groceries.
  • Grundy’s only network of veterans working together to support our brothers and sisters.