December partner: Community Foundation of Grundy County

From the Morris Herald-News:

The Community Foundation of Grundy County excels at providing services to donors and charities.

We are the only organization in Grundy County who offers Donor Advised Funds.  We also specialize in endowments so that donor funds today are forever supporting favorite causes.  Donor-designed funds are a perfect way to involve multiple generations in the conversation of philanthropy as well as a tool for families to leave a legacy.

Our services to charities include grants from our various funds types: unrestricted, donor advised, designated, field of interest, scholarship, and agency endowments.  Some grants are competitive, some are granted at the discretion of the donor fund, and some are the result of strategic planning around issues.

We also serve donor and charities through our convening.  We convene and participate in a number of topic networks around the area.  As we learn about issues and service gaps, we then either strategize about how to use philanthropy to address the issue or we pass that information along to our donor funds so that they can choose whether to support it through their grants.

If you are thinking about your favorite causes, please contact us to explore how our services can help you meet your charitable goals and benefit the charities that you care about.

If you are a nonprofit in Grundy County seeking solutions, we can help through strategy and funding.

Please visit our website at or call us at 815-941-0852.

#GiveGrundy is a monthly series highlighting the nonprofits serving Grundy County.  All of these organizations share a unified mission to give to the community that supported all of our organizations. We are one voice of strength, hope, and family. Together we serve the residents of Grundy County. When you are ready to give, please remember #GiveGrundy.

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