We are…Grundy Area PADS

We are:

  • A blue-collar worker who donates 4 hours a month from 3 AM to 7 AM so one of the Homeless Shelters in Morris can stay open and provide shelter and food.
  • A parent who is grateful of a warm place for their child to sleep during the cold weather months.
  • A retired veteran who sees a need to work the 11 PM to 3 AM shift twice a month to support people experiencing homelessness in our area.
  • Four church congregations who open their doors and arms so the homeless have a warm place to sleep and eat
  • A family with 2 disabled parents and 3 teenagers who now have a homeand both parents disabled, who with the help of PADS and other agencies have a home –
  • A once homeless teen who has graduated from high school and entered the military.
  • A junior college student who sacrifices 4 hours a month to staff a homeless shelter
  • 15 volunteer Board Members from various backgrounds dedicated to alleviating the suffering of homelessnes
  • A local area business owner who donates money AND time
  • A person who has recently fallen on hard times, lost a job and home, with no other place to turn.
  • An empathetic volunteer living paycheck to paycheck
  • A Grundy County Sheriff’s Deputy or Morris Police Officer who sees a person wandering the streets late at night with no place to sleep, thankful there is a warm shelter instead of a cold jail that will take this person in for the evening.
  • A victim of domestic abuse who has nowhere else to turn for the short-term while things get “figured out.”
  • Someone who has made a few “bad” decisions in life that have ended up forcing them onto the street.
  • A group of volunteers committed to helping our less fortunate friends escape the cycle of poverty and/or homelessness by supporting the PADS mission and our Pathway to Hope initiative.