We are…Community Foundation of Grundy County

We are:

  • 13 volunteer trustees safe-guarding donor funds
  • Burrs under the saddle – agitating for change
  • Always looking under rocks – looking for that next opportunity to dig deep
  • Grantmakers so that charities can spend efforts on clients on fundraisers
  • Making college possible through scholarships
  • The rainmaker – introducing charities to donors who want to give
  • Conveners and networkers – bringing partners together
  • Asking “why?” – Why do you do what you do?
  • Asking “how?” – How can we improve the quality of life in Grundy County?
  • Bridging people who care with causes that matter
  • Over $1m in grants since 2003
  • Encouraging donors to give while and where they give
  • “Just 5” – capturing just 5% of Grundy’s wealth in endowments
  • Endowment
  • Forever