We are…Morris Hospital Foundation

We are:

  • The mom, who found out that her son – an active teenager – had an unknown cardiac condition that could’ve cost their family his life if it weren’t for a free cardiac screening at his high school.
  • The 80 year old patient, who can visit his doctor without worrying about how he’s going to get there, especially because he has no surviving relatives to help and can’t afford to pay someone to drive him.
  • The employee, who received relief funds after his wife suffered a stroke and they fell behind on bills.
  • The doctor, who supports new equipment like a state-of-the-art linear accelerator, which allows his patients to receive radiation cancer treatment right here in town.
  • The volunteer, who donates four hours a week in the gift shop, so that she can visit with others and bring a smile to a visitors face.
  • Our friends and neighbors, who want a thriving and impactful hospital that takes care of this community in a personal and compassionate way.
  • Friends and family, treating friends and family.