We are…Illinois Valley Industries

We are:

76 People with physical, emotional, developmental and intellectual barriers receiving job, home and community supports to live the life they choose, where they choose and how they choose.

30 Employees who advocate daily in all interactions for equality, inclusion and opportunity for all individuals at Illinois Valley.

5 Major programs that ensure the home, job, social and community supports we provide are as unique as the individuals we work with.

37 Years of the highest award bestowed by CARF International, an independent non-profit accrediting health and human services agency.

9 Volunteer Board members who selflessly give their time, expertise and talents to IVI to ensure the agency remains a presence in the community in this day of cuts, modifications and uncertainty with the state and federal governments.

365 Days of service, advocacy, support, equity and social inclusion.

49 Years of advocacy, service and support to Grundy County and surrounding communities offering experiences that enrich the lives of people with physical, emotional, developmental and intellectual barriers.

27 Years as a United Way partner agency.

1 Young lady who told her mother while visiting her parent’s home, “I am ready to go back to MY HOME now mom.”  Mom cried tears of joy and sadness.  Sadness because her baby wasn’t her baby anymore and joy because her daughter never initiated conversation


Not to forget the countless private citizens, families, businesses, employers, churches and church groups, service clubs, social groups and community groups who provide moral, physical and financial support to ensure IVI continues to offer opportunities to everyone who walks through our doors.