We are…Will-Grundy Medical Clinic

We are:

  • The diabetic mother of two who needs insulin to control her disease and attain a healthy lifestyle so she can be there to watch her children grow up
  • The low wage laborer who works 50+ hours a week, but still cannot afford an insurance plan for his family
  • The overworked physician who volunteers his skills and time because he is dedicated to the patients of the clinic
  • The 50 year-old blue collar worker who just lost his job and has been suffering with a toothache for days
  • The student volunteer who believes in donating her service to the community she was raised in and shares the mission of the clinic
  • The hypertensive patient who is educated on healthier eating habits, receives medication, and is encouraged to participate in an exercise program
  • The “safety net” for those who need to see a doctor and do not have a medical home
  • The patient in the waiting room who donates the last $5 in her purse to a donation box because she knows what it’s like to feel ill and then feel hope after receiving proper care at the clinic
  • The care that impoverished people need when it seems they have nowhere else to go
  • Founded by the community, serving the community for nearly 30 years